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Wer wir sind ....

Our history ...

"Nothing happens unless there is first a dream."

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The beginnings of Tango Argentino in Koblenz can be found around 2001. The "pioneers" at that time, the dance teacher couple Alison Dobsen and Martin Ottmers from Bonn, formed the basis for today's tango scene in Koblenz.

From 2001 onwards ....

among others in the "red salon" of the Koblenz City Theater, as well as in other Koblenz locations

The first tango courses are offered by Alison and Martin (Bonn), who stops in Koblenz

Tango Argentino is now slowly entering the consciousness of those interested in tango.
They now dance Tango Argentino in Koblenz ...

Around the same time, the first milongas were held on the first floor of an old furniture store converted into the most magnificent coffee house in Koblenz. Opened as "Cafe Balthasar", it was soon renamed several times: in "Grand Café", then in "Café am Görresplatz", "Palais" to today's "Adaccio". It is the Tango Argentino location in Koblenz where you dance Tango Argentino.

Further tango workshops and, for the first time, regular lessons were held by Alison and Martin in the "Rot-Weiß-Stuben" (later "Café Caribe") on Mainzer Straße. After each lesson there was a milonga with active participation, so that the foundation stone for the Tango Argentino in Koblenz was laid!

In 2003 ...

the first regular milongas took place on one Sunday a month in the "Café Balthasar" under the direction of Alison and Martin.

It is now THE established milonga in Koblenz.

Around 2004

... Anna-Maria and Achim joined the Koblenz tango scene, which was slowly consolidating. Over the years that followed, both were tireless supporters, initiators of many Koblenz milongas and also the impetus for the first "open air milongas" in Koblenz. Tango Argentino is being danced more and more often in Koblenz and a milonga is no longer uncommon.

From 2006 , the public events took place in the old town backyard of the restaurant "Zanzibar" when the weather was nice. It was rumored that no other ambience than that of this particular restaurant could have better suited the situation of the wicked street tango of Buenos Aires in the 1920s. However, in the run-up to the Koblenz open-air milongas, at least 3 strong men were required to be able to drag a 4-meter-wide PVC flooring (as a dance floor) over a narrow entrance from the basement of the house. In bad weather, however, the milongas were relocated to the rustic cellar vault of the restaurant.

2005 - founding year "Tangoteam-Koblenz"

In 2005, several people from the Koblenz tango scene came together and founded an informative platform for all those interested in Tango Argentino in and around Koblenz. In addition to this, Achim created its own homepage for the first time in order to be able to provide information about all tango events in Koblenz and Bad Ems.

Here is a newspaper article in the Rheinzeitung from that time

This year there will also be a change in the regular milongas in the "Grand Café":

Alison had introduced the regular milongas and is now handing over responsibility for them to Ute and Helmut from the Tango team in Koblenz.

2007 - the year of birth of the "underground tangos"

After several years "the pilots disembark". Alison and Martin give up classes in Koblenz. They hand over to Viviana and Michael, who from now on offer tango lessons in Koblenz.

The regular milongas in the "Palais", in the "Sansibar" and also in the "Marble Hall" in Bad Ems are now very popular. Something "new" was needed, according to the popular opinion, away from the city walls.

The milongas are now carried out sporadically to public places, not always with official approval - but with a lot of encouragement from the ranks of non-dancing spectators. The "Underground Tango" (since it did not have official approval) was born and made its mark on the upper pedestal of the equestrian monument at the Deutsches Eck and was continued with "View of the Kaiser" on the terrace, which is lowered on the Rhine side.

But the tangueros and tangueras also found their place at the "Kaiserin Augusta Monument" in good weather in the following years.

2008 - "1st Tango Ball" in Bad Ems

Although the events in Koblenz and Bad Ems were spatially separated, the "Tango Team Koblenz" was always closely linked.

The starting shot for the "1st Tangoball", from which the "Festivalito" later developed, was given on March 29, 2008 .

The event quickly gained attention beyond local borders and later developed into the "Festivalitos" lasting several days with integrated workshops, milongas and show dances.

In 2008, the dance teacher couple Viviana and Michael unfortunately also ended their teaching activities in Koblenz.

This gap was soon closed by Karin Emrich & Luis Blanc, who taught in Koblenz until 2015 and continued to be available for the tango community after the move to Höhr-Grenzhausen.

Hard techno in Zanzibar

2009 - The end of "Zanzibar"

Koblenz loses one of its milonga dance venues after the cult restaurant "Sansibar" closes its doors for the tango community and turns to other musical styles.

The last milonga in the well-known cellar bar will take place on October 25, 2009.

Tango in Kesselheim

2010 - first milonga in KO - Kesselheim

The "Sansibar" has now served as a possible venue for the Koblenz milongas for around 1.5 years. The search for a suitable dance venue for a second regular milonga (next to the "Palais") has so far had little success.

Now a new opportunity has opened up in the VfL Kesselheim clubhouse. In addition to the "Palais", the clubhouse is the second venue for milongas in Koblenz. Every 4th Sunday of the month, in addition to the "Palais", the tango dancers have another opportunity to dance the tango argentino.

At least for a little more than two years, after which the Tango Team Koblenz has to look again for a suitable dance floor in Koblenz ...

2010 - first Festivalito in the Marble Hall in Bad Ems

this was followed by other nationally recognized tango events in Bad Ems. Today there are no more milongas taking place there.

2013 - 10th anniversary of the milongas in the Palais (today Adaccio)

The milonga, which takes place every third Sunday of the month, has now existed for 10 years.

The "Palais" will celebrate with many guests on September 15th, 2013.

DJ Achim

2013 - first milonga in KO - Horchheim

The search for an alternative venue to the milonga in the club house of the Vfl-Kesselheim leads to the "Horchheimer Caféhaus" after a short search.

The separate building part of the café building located on the ground floor is attached to the St. Josef retirement home, which was built just a few years ago. The "Horchheimer Milonga" now takes place here every 4th Sunday of the month. Achim, the "veteran of the Koblenz tango scene", is now transferring his great experience of putting on music step by step to the two monthly rotating DJs Thomas and Klaus.

Verena and Reinhold

2015 - Ute and Helmut pass on responsibility

Since 2005 Ute and Helmut have organized and moderated the milongas in the "Adaccio". In November 2016 the milonga in the "Adaccio" will take place for the last time under her leadership. After 10 years there is a change in the organizing team, which temporarily consists of several people for a few weeks.

From January 2016 Verena and Reinhold will jointly take over the organization and responsibility for the regular milongas in the "Adaccio".

2016 - The website is modernized

The previous website of the Tangoteam-Koblenz is "getting old". The administrator rights are given by Achim, who previously looked after the pages. Gudrun and Klaus take over the restructuring, design and modernization of the website. The redesigned website will go live in April 2016. The three-part background image strikes a connecting arc between "Tango classic" and "modern".

2016, June 18 - 1st Tango Argentino flash mob in Koblenz

Tango argentino dancers, from beginners to advanced, met without obligation in the foyer of the Forum Confuentes to surprise the astonished audience. Suddenly tango music can be heard and individual couples from the audience begin to dance. It was obviously fun for everyone: performers and viewers / listeners.

2016, for the first time Burghof- and Mühlen-Tango as well as Tango on the Oberburg

These special milonga offers are being offered for the first time and are the highlights of the Tango year 2016

For the first time, our tango friend Axel Holz appears as the organizer and organizer of two special tango events: the Mühlentango in the "Floecksmühle" near Ochtendung and the "Burghof Tango" in the Genovevaburg Mayen. We are pleased that these special events will also be offered in 2017.

For the first time, "Tango on the Upper Castle" is being organized by Gudrun & Klaus. Above Kobern-Gondorf, in the pavilion next to the well-known Matthias Chapel, further open-air milongas took place here in 2017.

June 2016 - Reorganization of Tango argentino lessons in Höhr-Grenzhausen

Since June 2016, tango lessons have been held in Höhr-Grenzhausen every Wednesday (except on the 1st Wednesday of the month), which are offered by the dance teacher Andrea Varas Muňoz from Gießen in the dance studio "up2Move". Many thanks to Anne & Arthur, who have made every effort to ensure that this teaching offer is retained.

June 22nd, 2016 - first "After-Work-Milonga"

In addition, an "After-Work-Milonga" has been offered in Höhr-Grenzhausen on the 1st Wednesday of each month since June 2016, also in the dance studio "up2Move". Here, too, our "thank you" goes to Anne & Arthur, who invested a lot of time in installing this offer. This milonga is now one of the regular offers of Tangoteam-Koblenz. At the same time, we can celebrate the birth of a new DJ in this context: Anne Dähling spins at the Wednesday milongas and has already made her debut at the café milonga in Horchheim. An enrichment for the Tangoteam-Koblenz.

Review of a successful first edition of the "Advent Ball in the Grand Hotel":
Thanks to the excellent organization of the organizer Anne Dähling, the many sympathetic guests from near and far and the guests of honor Daniela Feilcke-Wolff and Raimund Schlie (dance teacher couple from Berln) as well as our "Maestro DJ Jonas Maria", he was
1. Advent ball a success.
"Thank you" Jonas Maria for the harmonious choice of music.
"Thank you" Daniela and Raimund for the great afternoon seminar and your show in the evening.
"Thank you" to those responsible and employees of the "Häcker's Grand-Hotel" who made the glamorous hall available and prepared it for us. Tangoteam Koblenz is looking forward to a new edition in Advent 2018

From January 2019 the "Caféhaus Milonga", which has been taking place since 2013, has found a new home. New venue, new name: "Milonga am Rheinsteigufer" in Diehl's Hotel in Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein. The first milonga there took place on January 27th. took place. For the second milonga there was a personal welcome from the senior manager of the house, Mr. Mehlhorn, who expressed his joy that the Tango Argentino has arrived in the year of the 100th birthday of the hotel. We thank him and his team for the friendly reception. At the same time we would like to thank the numerous guests from near and far and the DJs who delight us with their music. We wish all of us many more wonderful hours at the Tango Argentino in Diehl's Hotel.

In 2020, the Corona year with all its cuts, our long-term driving forces Klaus and Gudrun decided to set other priorities in their lives. It was a great loss for the tango scene in Koblenz, because they worked tirelessly to ensure that the milonga offer in Koblenz was expanded again and again and gave us an unforgettable event with an unforgettable final milonga with live music in the Diehls Hotel. Thank you both very much.

The corona lockdown puts the tango scene into hibernation at the beginning of the year. In order to survive the time, web milonga take place. People dance the Tango Argentino in the living rooms and are connected via webcam. The time also demands many victims and long-term friends and supporters are moving away from the Tango team - including the previous website ''. Anne and Bernd decide to rebuild the website. The website '' is activated. With the consent of Klaus, we can also reuse the old texts.    

Unsere Geschichte
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