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Welcome ....

Dear friends of Tango Argentino,
the Tangoteam Koblenz warmly welcomes all Tangueras and Tangueros in our midst, regardless of whether they are beginners or "Maestro". It is a pleasure for us to watch the experienced dancers dance tango, how they interpret the music at the milonga and show the tango Argentino in all its diversity. We at Tango Team Koblenz are also happy about the social competence in our ranks, so that even the still insecure dancers and women without a permanent dance partner can feel comfortable and dance with us. We live Tango Argentino and are happy when the experienced dancers dance at least one tanda with a beginner at milongas. We all started dancing Tango Argentino and now ... now it's our passion.

With this in mind, we wish everyone many happy tango moments at the milongas or in the courses and look forward to seeing you again while dancing tango in Koblenz or the surrounding area.

Your Tango Team Koblenz



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